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The kids went out for a drive…

Over the last holidays was surreal. I had my first ever go, as a passenger, on a super sports car. After the ride, it took me some time to come back to this world.


A good friend came over to invite me to take some pictures of his carsss and I wouldn’t miss this chance for nothing. He lined up all the cars and ask our kids, ”which do you want to ride?” our son said, ”well as I’ve already rode on the blue Lotus, the gray one is fine.” And off they went. They were all smiles!!

After that he took me for a drive, unforgettable. I don’t think that it could ever have this experience in Brazil unless I was a millionaire.  Enjoy the pictures.


わたしも乗せてもらてTHANK YOU!!!!! そのけいけんわすられない。