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Kei Style

One of the purposes of this blog is to promote Kei car culture world wide.

Please enjoy the pictures and leave your comments.

Daihatsu Esse

Kei truck Japan

Hope you enjoyed


Kei car magazines 

 Just a glimpse into what the Kei car culture is about in Japan.   

This is my friend’s Mira.     

Honda got it right with the N series 



Sunday on the motorway

Yay! We are taking the motorway this Sunday.
It’s 100% guaranteed that you will see awesome cars passing by, most likely for us because we are on a family station wagon.

In a far distance there was a blue dot on the rear view mirror approaching quite rapidly. Got the camera ready and YES!!!! Subaru.
Our son was shouting in the back “sports car daddy, sports car!!!”

Then, actually before the Subaru, a yellow Copen just like this one passed and I felt the sign, have to get the camera set.
Another yellow dot appeared on the mirror, really! another Copen 2014, can’t miss this one. Just today, while we were out, there were three 2014 models, and a couple of older models. Suzukis cappuccino Honda too.
Sundays are a must go out for a drive day.

It’s pretty windy because the typhoon is approaching so the caution sign is this.
Drive safe everyone.