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Oh! Really?

That was the reaction of a friend when he saw what’s under the hood. 

Before introducing the next DDJ machine let’s take a look at the old DDJ drive. 

This Nissan March 1997 used to drive me everywhere. Although, for Japanese standards, it’s a pretty old car, it was such a special car that I feel obligated to pay a tribute to such an iconic vehicle. Since I first drove it I knew this car had a lot of potential and indeed it does. 


A little bit of rust and some scratches  here and there but it was definitely a fun car to drive. 

Result of driving over black ice without snow tyres. 

Last mileage. 
Rest in peace old friend!! 


Volkswagen Corrado 1990

Today we are not going to talk about the Typhoon Vongfong that reached the main islands of Japan, we will talk about a different V, we are going to talk about Volkswagen Corrado.

The only drive today was to take the recycle, 100m from home.
So, I contacted a person whom has driven the best cars on the planet.
Let’s have a Q&A through message.

This is a 1990 Volkswagen, Corrado.
DDJ: what is attractive for you on the Corrado?
Owner:I was at the time, 1990, driving a skyline and was looking for my next car. The Corrado and the skyline were the options I had in mind.

その当時は、Skyline GTと比較検討した結果、Skylineを購入しました。

“I always wanted to buy a Corrado.” 1994 VW corrado 16V.
VW the first real sports.”

Before lowered

IMG_3834-0.JPGAfter lowered
DDJ: how about some modifications
Owner: that’s a good idea.
The only mod was to lower.
He still likes the Corrado a lot. Next time it will be yellow. There may not be any in Japan yet.
Thank you