Classic Honda 800

This is a classic. 


Mira the Mini

This car is very practical and you would definitely want to have one in your collection. 

The number plate reads “TOFUYA” which is what the owner does. He runs a Tofu shop and allowed the n. plate to be shown. 

Front of a Mini mounted to a walk through Daihatsu Mira is a formidable combination. 

As he sells Tofu at in the car, he’s chosen the rear door that opens upward because it keeps him and the customers dry when it rains although the door that opens sideways is more popular. 

The interior is clean and roomy. Check out the speakers up in the ceiling. 

660 cc. 
As you can see the hoodie pops open. Thanks for taking it apart so I could take the picture. 


Meca Dock is specialised place that makes these series in Japan. 

Thanks for the owners for allowing us to post it here. 

Oh! Really?

That was the reaction of a friend when he saw what’s under the hood. 

Before introducing the next DDJ machine let’s take a look at the old DDJ drive. 

This Nissan March 1997 used to drive me everywhere. Although, for Japanese standards, it’s a pretty old car, it was such a special car that I feel obligated to pay a tribute to such an iconic vehicle. Since I first drove it I knew this car had a lot of potential and indeed it does. 


A little bit of rust and some scratches  here and there but it was definitely a fun car to drive. 

Result of driving over black ice without snow tyres. 

Last mileage. 
Rest in peace old friend!!