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Kei Style

One of the purposes of this blog is to promote Kei car culture world wide.

Please enjoy the pictures and leave your comments.

Daihatsu Esse

Kei truck Japan

Hope you enjoyed


Low riders love

If you follow the blog regularly you probably remember these two. 

They are a couple that likes to roll in style. 


The girl’s ride is a Suzuki Wagon R. It’s basic, nice and cute. I know, the n. plate isn’t fully hid. That’s because it is the cool thing to do here. It gives you an extra street credit. It was bought from the internet auction.


 The latest mod was the little orange indicators on the bumper that light up. 




I never knew how difficult it is to take pictures of this colour at night. The colour is really nice and it really suit girls. 


 By now I should really get out of the closet and say right here, THIS IS SO COOL!!!! 


The colour is the VW Golf. It was originally lighter grey. 



The stance is at its lowest point. 


The car is based on parts from the 80’s and resembles the Hakosuka. 


Yes, Cobra bucket seats. 


Some time ago, I asked him why he chose Kei cars to play with. He said they are easy to drive and are fun in many aspects: colour, wheels (Watanabe). He has many other sets of wheels and I did see some other wheel sets but there is still more. 


They go to events and people do like the style and say his ride is cool. 


The paint work of the Mira was done by himself as well as the other mods. It was a chilly night of spring so we soon had to head back home. ありがとうございます!

There is still a lot more to feature but for now that’s all. We are going to meet up again during the day for another session. 

Stay tuned. 

Suzuki Jimny

We have been having a good series of Kei cars(660cc).
We’ve had a standard 4 seater, the Honda Life, the sports type version; Suzuki Cappuccino(FR) and Honda Beat (MR). All that it was missing was SUV style. Then here it is, the best Suzuki Jimny.
Every week, I drive up the mountains. It is sometimes really hard to find the best back ground for taking pictures. This time the car was in its natural environment so it helps a lot when shooting.

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Toyota AE86

Last week when doing the game Skyline vs. Hachi-roku I found something interesting.

A couple of Hachi-roku covered in dust.

When driving past all I could see was this.

But then with a closer look, bonus point for Hachi-roku.

This side is smooth and straight.

Even covered in dust, the Hachi-roku still keeps it legacy. Always looking cool.

This team got 2 times champion at the Sunday race on the track.

It seems that the Hachi-roku is a natal champion.

Lying next to them there is another icon of the series Initial D. Can you name it?

Yes, you got it! The cappuccino! It only lost the race to Takumi because it was raining, right?!?

Around the shop, there are some other really fun ride.

The Daihatsu Mira. Another car that is a lot of fun to play with. Lots of enthusiasts about this car. For some reason, it makes me fell that it resembles the Mini.

The Suzuki, Alto, is another icon of the streets of Japan.
Next time I pass by the shop, I’ll stop by to ask the spec of the Hachi-roku.
Stay tune for more.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr. Nakagaki to let us take pictures of his car. He was in the middle of his work, getting a customer’s car ready to go and we bothered him.
My daughter was with me and it was interesting to share a few thoughts on education with Mr. Nakagaki.


Nakagaki Auto is located near our office and on the way back home, after a long day of work, I drive past his shop and his office light is still on. Ganbare Mr. Nakagaki. Hope to see you soon.