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This cars speaks for itself. Honestly as it can be, hard worker and about to retire, the car. Yes, the car. The grandpa I’m not so sure because Japanese people are always working, whether before or after retirement. 

This sir was unbelievably kind. He knows exactly what he has and said he was about to retire the car but he knows the value of it, especially because of its low mileage, just 65062km original from factory. 

This is not a super car but it has a super kind owner. This story was meant to be posted a while ago so by now the car is probably in its way to its new destination. 

Hope the car can find a new home. 

ガゾリンスタンドおたときこの車を見てわ〜!😃 おもしろいい!となりにおじちゃんいました。どうしよ~ おはなしをかけたらおじちゃんわものすごくやさしかった。



Thank you!



Golden week 2015

in Japan we have a 5 consecutive holidays that we call Golden Week. Ours started pretty well!!

When our son’s hope was almost gone to see a sports car on the way to return the rental car we got for our car’s “shaken” (the 2 year  inspection) this Skyline zoomed pass us when we had just opened the window. 

We chased it for about 10 minutes. At night, I hear some, like if our son was going to wake up, I go into the bedroom to check and he says “sports car”, I laughed. He was deeply sleeping. 

A great start for our Golden Week!