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Kei car magazines 

 Just a glimpse into what the Kei car culture is about in Japan.   

This is my friend’s Mira.     

Honda got it right with the N series 




A piece of history on your shelf

For this kind of collection there should be no age or prejudice. Having a selection of die cast models is just the same as having books that  tell you about the automotive history though having the delightful experience of putting your own hands on a piece of art. 

We have achieved the time of lesser peace, die cast models are always selling at stores. In times of war, iron was scarce so a lot of the resource was destined for building jets, tanks, guns and supplies for soldiers to fight at the battle fields. 


This attractive selection (1/3? scale) belongs so someone that we, together with some other folks, spend hours talking about one model , cars and more and it’s so intriguing how much they know about this fascinating history of car racing. Thank you for letting me post here these pictures. 


Nowadays, I’m not so sure about the resource of iron but having die cast models seem a very eco friendly and peaceful way of collecting cars. This is a much more exciting and thrilling part of history. Encouraging kids and car lovers to purchase these historical items seems much more wisely and a better purpose for the usage of our natural resources. 

I have always been a great fan of 1/61 scale models and have already started my collection.

Stay tuned and think ecologically  

It’s storytime!

In Japan, there is a great incentive from the schools to get the students to read more. Every school has the “reading time” which varies from school to school.
At the bookstores you will find all kinds of books for all ages.
Here is an old story about cars. Enjoy!

This is my original version for the story. Feel free to make your.

“Once upon a time there was a country. In this country there were many vehicles. These vehicles worked very hard for the well-being of the human race. The humans take care of the vehicles just as much. They all live in peace and unity. ”