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December update

Hi, Internauts!!

This is all I’ve meant to post in the last months.

Hope you enjoy!


Oh! Really?

That was the reaction of a friend when he saw what’s under the hood. 

Before introducing the next DDJ machine let’s take a look at the old DDJ drive. 

This Nissan March 1997 used to drive me everywhere. Although, for Japanese standards, it’s a pretty old car, it was such a special car that I feel obligated to pay a tribute to such an iconic vehicle. Since I first drove it I knew this car had a lot of potential and indeed it does. 


A little bit of rust and some scratches  here and there but it was definitely a fun car to drive. 

Result of driving over black ice without snow tyres. 

Last mileage. 
Rest in peace old friend!! 

Nissan Primera

I was at the petrol station for a quick wash and this Nissan Primera parks next to me. This car is irresistible gorgeous. The owner seemed like to be in a hurry and so was I but I couldn’t miss this chance because I had been wanting to take pictures of this car for ages. 

The place didn’t have many options for a decent  background so hopefully I will meet him someday, somehow, somewhere else to get better shots. 

ガゾリンスタンドでちょっと車わあらてかえるつもりだたから、このNissan Primeraとなりにとまりました。この車はかっこいいです!まえから探してたからチャンス今しかないと思っておはなしをかけました。どちも急いでいてたからながく話ししてないです。


Thank you



This cars speaks for itself. Honestly as it can be, hard worker and about to retire, the car. Yes, the car. The grandpa I’m not so sure because Japanese people are always working, whether before or after retirement. 

This sir was unbelievably kind. He knows exactly what he has and said he was about to retire the car but he knows the value of it, especially because of its low mileage, just 65062km original from factory. 

This is not a super car but it has a super kind owner. This story was meant to be posted a while ago so by now the car is probably in its way to its new destination. 

Hope the car can find a new home. 

ガゾリンスタンドおたときこの車を見てわ〜!😃 おもしろいい!となりにおじちゃんいました。どうしよ~ おはなしをかけたらおじちゃんわものすごくやさしかった。



Thank you!



A piece of history on your shelf

For this kind of collection there should be no age or prejudice. Having a selection of die cast models is just the same as having books that  tell you about the automotive history though having the delightful experience of putting your own hands on a piece of art. 

We have achieved the time of lesser peace, die cast models are always selling at stores. In times of war, iron was scarce so a lot of the resource was destined for building jets, tanks, guns and supplies for soldiers to fight at the battle fields. 


This attractive selection (1/3? scale) belongs so someone that we, together with some other folks, spend hours talking about one model , cars and more and it’s so intriguing how much they know about this fascinating history of car racing. Thank you for letting me post here these pictures. 


Nowadays, I’m not so sure about the resource of iron but having die cast models seem a very eco friendly and peaceful way of collecting cars. This is a much more exciting and thrilling part of history. Encouraging kids and car lovers to purchase these historical items seems much more wisely and a better purpose for the usage of our natural resources. 

I have always been a great fan of 1/61 scale models and have already started my collection.

Stay tuned and think ecologically  

Happy set! Coffee and car!

The first time I ever had can coffee was in Japan. Recently, I discovered that they sell these sets of two coffee cans with a giveaway toy. 

I’m not very fond of can coffee, especially black coffee but I really wanted the giveaway series of Nissan GtR. You can’t find them in stores like the Tomica or Hotwheels.  

I asked the clock if it was possible to buy a milk pack so that I could add to the coffee. She said yes and gave it to me. Japanese people are so kind. 


This is the whole collection. You gotta be extremely quick to get the best of the series. 

  This is the best I could still get. The Nismo R34GT-R  Z-tune. 

A friend that works for a convince store will let me know as soon as some other series are out. 

Stay tuned for more.