My history with cars started pretty early. It’s in my DNA. My great grandfather used to run a bus company. It was succeeded by my grandparents. They decided to sell the company and now the company is one of the biggest in the city. After that, they started with a taxi and then moved on to other kinds of business.
The passion for cars runs in the blood. My grandmother used to drive the buses and she didn’t even have a drivers license at that time.
When I was a kid I knew all the cars names. You pointed I named it. Apparently its a kind of thing that usually car lovers had when they were little.

My first car was a 1976 beetle (fusca in Brazil).
It is very common in Brazil that your first car would be a beetle. My father, grandfather, cousins, uncles, pretty much everybody had a beetle if not at first, later at some point. They are usually cheap, or used to, and pretty reliable.

At the end of high school, a friend’s band played The Beatles and that was it, I needed to know more about the The Beatles. It was then that I came across one of the Beatles albums that they are crossing Abbey Road, now you know why my beetle was in this colour.
When we went to buy it, the owner didn’t want to sell it to me. He wouldn’t believe that I could take good care of the car but in the end  he changed his mind.
Everything was perfect then. It drove really smooth and no troubles.

After high school, I had the opportunity to move to England so, it was time for me to say farewell to my beloved ”Fusca”. Our neighbour bought it so I knew that it would stay around and well cared. Very unfortunately, The beetle got stolen and disappeared.

I have been living in Japan for quite a while and I began to think what I could do to the country that embraces me and my family.
By writing this blog, I hope to be able to reach out for as more Japanese people as possible and daily, make them part of my life as well as be part of theirs too. Also, to spread out to the world, the beauties of Japan, its people, places, culture, etc.
I’m a language facilitator and often people ask how much I charge and if I can come to their house to teach. With the internet, it is possible to be at numerous peoples’ homes and give them a reason to remember their jr. high and high school English for free, well as long as you have internet.
I’m open for questions and request that can make this blog more interesting for you and the world, or galaxies in the future.

Thank you Japan,
Here is my tiny contribution to the betterment of our society in the the universe.

To be continued…



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