Used rims 

Our family car is about to be paid off so we will have some spare cash to pimp up our family spaceship. 

We got a flat tyre a couple of weeks ago and we needed a new second hand tyre. I was advised to always get Japanese tyres wether brand new or used. We handed over to the shop’s clerk to find us a decent tyre  and he suggested a tyre made in Singapore (Falken). 

All I now about Falken is the advertising signs at the races throughout the world’s biggest championship. 

 Just for the fun, I tried out different wheels and this is one of my favourite. I come back home and my wife is all excited about seeing the car. Well, there’s nothing new just the tyre. She said – so why I wanted to come with you. 😖 that’s when I learned about the spare  Cash😁 

So glad to have taken pictures of some rims. 

We had an interesting discussion about what set of  wheels we will have in our car. These will make our car looking Yankee. Yankee are the folks that some times are misunderstood as outlawer, rebellious or trouble maker.

These had no comments from my wife. 


These are a little over the budget yet. 

  These are reasonable and look like the genuine rims so we agreed that this is the kind of looks we want. 

Something like this. 

Though I’m into five pointed star rims. 

I’m using an apply called “wheel fitting ” to try to find the perfect fitting rims. 

Stay tuned. 



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