Free Kei truck ride

Well, if you don’t buy a furniture just because it won’t fit in your car, in Japan, that’s not a problem.

The customer support is brilliant. Here they lent you this Kei truck for free.

This little 660cc Kei truck will do anything to take your stuff home.

There is enough room to carry a regular motorcycle.


The interior isn’t very luxurious but it does the job.

Well, as long as you don’t drive all day because the gear shift hits right behind my knee. And, yep! automatic transmission although most are manual transmissions.

Usually one person will drive this kind of vehicle so that’s how they keep its low cost.

Extreme low cost… Not even a tiny red dot, but it’s free so who cares.

The fields are kind of home for this little hard worker. All farmers have one of these and they never seem to wear out. It goes almost forever.

The kanji reads “free rental”.


It was quite a bit of a rally to get our stuff home and come back in one hour.

It’s very easy to park.

This is what we did on Sunday, nothing better than driving for free. If anyone needs a professional Kei truck driver, I volunteer to DRIVE!


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