Toyota Hilux (?)

This Toyota belongs to a really cool grandpa. Right now, I’ve discovered how fun an SUV can be and this is being used, for quite a while, in its home land, the mountains of Japan, so it sounds just the right timing.

The the coloured clover hanging indicates he is a senior over 70 years old. The lucky charm is from Kyoto.

The question was, did he go to Kyoto in this car to get it cleansed by the monk there because, in Kyoto, there are lots of beautiful temples. He said his grandson had been there and bought him that.

The grandfather didn’t seem to be very used to all this internet globalisation thing so I hesitated to ask for his permission to post it here but as his grandson may, I kindly ask for the permission and said that probably his grandson could find the website for him.

We both agreed to hide the number plate and he was off to the mountain roads.
It is a pleasure to be part of all these people’s lives, even if just for 5 minutes and thank you grandpa, and grandson, for being part of our bloggers, readers and a interneter’s lives.


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