Nissan Sunny truck

Pickup trucks can be great cars after a few mods.

We drive a station wagon and sometimes there just isn’t enough space. But with a truck, you can even load a motorcycle onto it.

This picture is to describe its utility. It’s a good option besides the usual K-truck that most farmers drive. Also, many motorcycle enthusiasts like this kind of car.

After a few shots and a bit of a conversation I found out that the owner graduated from photography. This is my shot…びみよう。。。

And his, totally different. ぜんぜんちがう。かれのはすごいダイナミク。

This was the picture that made me find out his talent for photography. It’s a bit out of pitch.

His. There’s a gutter alongside the road that it was possible to cut after editing and we both agreed that it would have been better without it. He tried to move the car closer to the left but there wasn’t enough road…



He praised my shots though there is still a long way to learn how to take good photos.


Some people know better that me so here it is. Nissan 1.2 type A used a lot in racing. This car is a pickup so it needs a tough engine and this one does the job quite well.

He gives the car four stars because it could have had a bit more of cushion.
The owner was glad to have a Nissan because of the facility to get parts. There is a new left side fender panel on its way ーIf it was another brand, not sure about where to start looking.
Hope to get more shots after the new panel has been fixed and meanwhile, I’ll practice to get better photos of such a good looking machine.
Thanks and sorry for taking so long to post such a cool ride.


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