At 300km/h to Kyoto

Daily Drive Japan is heading to Kyoto at top speed!!

Taking the Nozomi Shinkansen and relaxing on my journey of 353km.

Had to moved across 5 carriages because the reserved seat was at 4-16-E not at 15-16-E. Guess it would have been ok to just take any of these no reserved seats in this carriage.

Honda Civic. For the sake of JDM mods.

Will I ever be crossing that bridge on my Impreza… Hang on, will I ever have an Impreza?

Tunnels and tunnels.

For Mini enthusiasts around Japan.

Find the Z and leave a comment saying the colour.

What you see is a white: Silvia or a Celica? Leave a comment.

Yep, another Z.

That’s a way much faster.

So safe in Japan. People leave their stuff and go away, then come back and the tablet is still there. I stayed at a dormitory where a bunch of dudes share a room with some others, more or less, 70 dudes and leave their PC, tablets, all gadgets changing overnight in a socket on the corner of the room. Wow!

Kyoto!! As I stepped outside the station and headed to the Sauna de Verde a Lancia welcomes me in class. Couldn’t get a shot though.

Then I was chased by some of my fellows.

Subarus, Subarus, Subarus!

Had to take a picture of this pole with the Renault in the background.

Lots of cool cars were going down this road so I decided to follow the flow and more and more cars would drive down. Porsches, BMWs, old school Zs. Then there was this Gs Prius with this tiny “disabled” sticker. Go for it man, get a proper disabled sign and stick it on. There’s nothing to hide.

Then I had to go back and get some food. On the way, there was this shop Tomei Car Esthetique . The staff, a very kind and young dude, explained about the company and the service. I asked wether there could be a place to eat for car lovers and he said that round there, not at all, I would probably need a car to go, I guess.

Well, I was getting hungry so across the street there was this shop with a sign,”we have menu in English” so that’s were I went. Also, they had a delicious vegetarian meal which filled up pretty well.

Not so sure about what they do but something to do with cars.

At the dormitory, best I could do.
Good night!


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