iPhone 6

Yes, me too. Don’t ask me why but I also have an iphone. When first changing from a Stone Age phone to a smartphone, to get one, was a no brainer.
No brainer for the fact that all my foreigner friends had an iPhone, Steve Jobs was the person on the spot, Apple was bombarding the web with adds, in all the mobile service companies stores you would see a poster saying iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone and the best of all, the iPhone 4s was free so my “brain totally clear or was cleaned or washed?”

Two years after that and it’s about time to change mobiles again.

I have been getting a new phone every other year since I came to Japan. All the previous mobiles got scratched but the 4s didn’t. Because of that, “au” bought the 4s and I could get the 6. It was not all free though the monthly payments are CHEAPER!!!!. It’s hard to understand what makes it so accessible.
Most or all of the updates are done on the phone and this is my first update.
Stay tuned for more!


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