Silvia Racer & toys

Die-cast toy car replicas are part of any boy’s childhood.

In Japan Tomica is the most popular die-cast toy car maker.

One of my friends has a bunch of Tomicas and among the toys there was this pretty rare Yonezawa, Nissan Exa Canopy, 1:40 scale, replica.

He surely had a great time in his childhood playing with this high quality toys.

His sons now own his toys because he graduated from this stage in life. Now, on weekends at the race track he drives…

… this real scale and all tuned up Nissan Silvia.

Last time I saw it had this rear spoiler.

Now it has this. Today we are talking about the toys and real cars so we will have another special edition with all the components that make this car so cool.

Before racing, he used to be a drifter.
I have seen him racing and on that race he went from 7th place to 3rd.

He is a high-level amateur racer and he certainly is worthy of all his toys.
Thank you and Good Luck!


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