Suzuki Jimny

We have been having a good series of Kei cars(660cc).
We’ve had a standard 4 seater, the Honda Life, the sports type version; Suzuki Cappuccino(FR) and Honda Beat (MR). All that it was missing was SUV style. Then here it is, the best Suzuki Jimny.
Every week, I drive up the mountains. It is sometimes really hard to find the best back ground for taking pictures. This time the car was in its natural environment so it helps a lot when shooting.

I wish there was more time to explore the best angles to get better pictures.

This is the best I could do in the very little time I had. Hope you enjoy.

Trying to get the whole nature on the glass.

This is one of the owner’s favourite part of the car. The windshield is really straight.

The interior looks younger that the age the cars looks from outside. It a fair look.

His original customisation.

He is a radio transmissive fan so he drives up the mountains.

There are so many Kei utility vehicles that are very interesting.
Stay tuned for more.
Thank you. ありがとうございます。


6 thoughts on “Suzuki Jimny

  1. AshiAkira

    Nothing like the kei cars to drive around in Tokyo because the road condition in the city is as it is. Suzuki Jimny was one of candidate cars to choose to buy some four years ago, but somehow I chose an Alto F passenger car. The dealer said an Alto F, one of the lowest grade and the lowest priced 660cc cars, was the only car I could get because I wanted a stick-shift. I can’t explain, but it gives me such a good feeling when I change gears to drive a stick-shift. I often come up with poems when I’m driving it – in a busy street, too.
    I’m trading my Alto in for a Suzuki Hustler next month. I don’t like the name “Hustler” because it sounds like a gambler who cheats. But Suzuki now offers a higher-grade, G, of the Kei passenger cars in the new Hustler line and that’s what I wanted. I’m now waiting for it like a little kid waiting for a new toy.

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      1. AshiAkira

        No. In more than one occasions, car dealers advised me not to buy a 4×4. To me a 4×4 sounds magnificent, but they told me they were not so good even in the snowy region.


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