Honda Life

Modifying cars in Japan is almost limitless. It doesn’t matter wether it’s an expensive car, luxurious or daily drive.

This is a 660cc modified
Honda Life.
When I approached the car the owner thought I had lost my way and was going to ask for directions.
He had a laugh when I told him that we live in the same neighbourhood.
The talk went on and he let us to get some shots of his ride.


It’s interesting the interior illumination. How creative people can be.

Even the number plate is lit.
Though it is covered with his team name plate, you can still see the lights shining through it.

Lots of LED.


And air suspension to make the ride smooth. Never thought it was possible to even have air-sus in a Kei car. Gotta open up my mind for how much you can install in cars like this.

I have to get out of the closet and say that I do like Kei cars and they are for sure a lot if fun.
It is a good project to modify a Kei car but don’t assume that it’s cheap. It could cost you a lot to get a car just right.
He recommended me to get a picture from this angle because he thinks it’s the best angle and it looks great seen from that point.
As I’m not a professional photographer I can say that I’ve learned something.


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