Final Day Civic vs. MR

All right, it finally came to an end.

It was a week of
hard work and lots of interesting things happening.

It is really difficult to be fair so I hope we can all agree on this one.
The MR doesn’t seem to be a car that you will drive everyday and the Civic hatch is pretty hard to find too.

Because there were so many MR’s out there it made me rethink of the rules.
On the first counting, the grampa’s Civic was also added so trying to be fair It was only added the coolest Civic sedans to the counting.

A fair draw.

I learned so much, made so many new friends and even got gifts to my whole family.

It will be posted more pictures of the cars I came across in this week but for now and not until summer, we won’t have any challenge. It gets dark pretty early and I missed a few cars because of that.
Thank you all.
何か他の写真のアップします今しばらく待つまで、チャレンジを休みます 。ごめんなさいお仕事中ランチ中の何か変な邪魔してすみません。皆さんの優しさありがとうございます。


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