Day 4 – MR for children

Today I was expecting to see only one MR but there were more.

<img src="https://” alt=”IMG_3960.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />
Up the mountains, far from the city it is hard to imagine that someone would speak English but today I have learned that I should never doubt.

Looking for the owner of this beautiful green MR, I met a lady that could speak English very well. We talked and there was no need for Japanese. Her English is very natural and easy to understand.
Then the owner of the MR read the address of the blog super fluently without any Japanese accent. Wow!

Then this MR’s engine had bursted and now the children use it for playing and climbing onto it, like a jungle gym.
I wish I could have those wheels on my daily drive(*^_^*)

To wrap up the night, I heard a very loud exhaust sound and dashed to catch up to see the car and there it was.
br />
This is it.
Hoping to see a few more Civics tomorrow.

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