Day 3 – Integra Type R

Unfortunately, today wasn’t a very good day for the Civic, I was looking for.
In the morning, the same Civic that I saw on Monday passed by but I knew it had already been added.

The interesting thing was that all these Type R and the sedan were all in the same block.

I added the Integras to the counting and then I realised that they weren’t the Civic I was looking for so I deducted.

Now the scores look like this and without the sedans. Since the beginning of the game I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Then on the way back home I remembered a place where the staff drives a MR so I went to talk to him.
He works for a RC store and they also have 2 tracks. One for speed RC and another for for drifting.
We had a great talk and just to clarify, I had chocolate on my trousers that looked like something …
Anyways, I had a chocolate scone and some of the crumbs felt on the car seat and I sat on it. You can get an idea of what it looked like.
Thanks for the warm and friendliness of all the joined us at RC track in Kamitsu.


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