1970’s Skyline

This is probably the freshest picture of a Skyline that has never been online before.
As promised earlier, here it is.

I haven’t had a chance to ride on an old car for ages.
Last time I went for a ride, my daughter went with me and she cried all the way.
This time, my son, daughter and friend, we all went for a ride on this Skyline. They were all speechless. No words or someone being grumpy. They were all smiles! My son seems to have enjoyed the most. I think he was trying to figure out in what gear we were.

With the inscreasing interest of the whole world in the Japanese car culture, selling this beauty wouldn’t be a bad idea, said the owner.

So, this car will probably be saying “sayonara” home and hello America.
On the other hand, there is an increasing interest of Japanese into American mods onto Japanese cars.
The owner was wondering if the new owner will still keep this engine as in America is so popular to stuff the hood with a giant V8 or some alike.

There is so much more to know about his car but with such a busy life here is sometimes hard to meet up the friends to talk about cars. These pictures were taken near a volcano that is in work still.
This car has only been re painted at most 2 times.
The was a commercial that this car belonged to Ken and Mary.

Good luck Skyline, have a safe trip.


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