Driving on the edge

Today I had the utmost test for my depth perception.

Usually I don’t take this road but for some reason I trusted my instincts and went straight.
This narrow road takes you to a junction. A giant dump truck decided to turn into this road. “Please don’t please don’t please don’t” I cried but the driver didn’t hear me.
The truck made the turn and came across me.

The shiny plates of the side of the truck hissing when cracking all the sides panels of our car was all I could imagine at the time but the truck made it. I pulled over to the most left I could get where there was no asphalt visible so it was all upon luck.

I’ve started to consider that one day I may fall into the rice fields and I thought it would happen today but luck was on both sides.
The truck driver pull left and no cars got scratches.
I tried to remake the scene by simulating how close the wheels were to the little cliff.
Hats off to Japanese truck drivers.


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