Skyline vs. 86 (hachi-roku)

Today we are going to see how many cars are on the streets.
From graveyards to Grandpas, everyone will be counted.

Living in the country that gave birth to all these remarkable cars, let’s count how many you can really see on the streets and yards.
Unfortunately it is not possible to stop and ask each person to get a picture of their cars. I’m sorry if your car is in the picture and you weren’t asked.
Each line corresponds to a car that I see. A square with a line in the middle means five, this may be a Brazilian way of counting. I know that the American way is different and the Japanese uses some kind of Kanji.

Things were going as usual until this all covered in dust 86 showed up. It felt that it needed a close up look so I made a U-turn and headed back to know more about it.
After introduced and explained about the game the person at the shop said, are you sure you want a picture if this “boro-boro-no-kuruma (which means kind of beat up, dirty and left out car) well, let me show you something then”.
Right behind it, there was another 86 which it was not possible to see when passing by so it scored double with the stop. We talked about the car and it’s glory days. In another post we will talk more about it.

Ok, then I had to do something to help the Skyline get some scores going so I took a walk around a neighbourhood and couldn’t find any GTR, though…

Kept walking and all of this was out there but no GTR. There were some cars that I couldn’t really see, stop or take pictures because after all I’m on my commute to work to different venues.
I saw lots of Silvias and slowed down to make sure they weren’t skylines though it’s pretty clear the differences between them. It may have being more successful for Nissan if I had chosen Silvias instead. The newest GTR I found today was the one in blue in one the pictures.

The 86’s were pretty much half and half. Some the last model, some in the back yard and some, well, the one that wrapped the counting was the the Fujiwara’s Tofu Shop 86 that is in the picture.
A great end for a victorious car.


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