Meguro (Kawasaki)

Going down hill and with not much time, this bike really catches anyone’s heart. Made a U-turn and here you are.

These yellow head lights really give this bike a bright and always ready for adventure style.

The owner of this bike is a very busy man, so let me take the opportunity to say Sorry for bothering.
His wife welcomed me with a great smile and all the warmth of the Japanese.
DDJ: Excuse me, (classic boring introduction) can I take some pictures of the bike?
Wife: sure! My husband won’t mind.
She called in her husband and indeed, he agreed to let pictures be taken.



The owner is a really patient grandfather that brought my Japanese skills to the limits. Basically I double checked everything to make sure that the information was being understood.

He said that he saw this bike when was a teenager and it was it!
As soon as he was old enough to ride bikes, he saved his money, bought this Meguro and owns it since then.
DDJ: where have you been with this bike? Do you ride everyday?
Owner: I’m a very busy man so now I only ride around the block. But, well, I have basically visited all the prefectures in Kyushu.
Indeed, travelling along Kyushu is very pleasing. With all the multiplicity of scenarios from beach to valley to mountain it must have been quite an adventure. Some people think that some places really make you wonder if you are still in Japan.
These models were also used as a “ShiroBai” which is what the police bikes are called, white (白shiro) bike.
It makes a very reliable option to choose what the police is using.

Thank you very much ありがとうございます。 and he went back to his work.
I was invited into their “tea shop” for a cup of a wonderful Japanese green tea and some snacks. ありがとう〜
After talking to some people about this bike I realised, how many cc was it? Gotta go back to ask.
Some others said that it was a very interesting discover to find this bike. There aren’t many around so for more visit their website:
Thank you again and see you soon.


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