Toyota Land Cruiser 1982

Do SUV owners really go off road? Yes! Well, at least this owner goes.

With so many cars out there he chose this 1982, Toyota land cruiser.
DDJ: hi, can I take a picture of your car?
Owner: are you sure?
DDJ: yes, please. Do you really go off-road ?
Owner: yes, I do go sometimes with my mates when they invite.
The car is a little beat up but it’s legacy still remains.
Toyota has just released their new 2014 Land Cruiser 70 which is a great revival for the classic (and in my opinion more preferred) model.

Our daughter started to cry in the car so I had to hurry to take pictures and go to get her.
The owner is a really cool guy, fashionable and had his family with him.
He said the car was a little messed up inside with their staff so this is the only picture I could get because I didn’t want to upset him or his wife.

There were so much more I wanted to know and I wish I had taken more pictures but time was short.
It’s very interesting to talk to all these people. Hope we could all get together one day and share our stories.
Thank you ありがとうございます
See you around.


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