Suzuki Cervo 550cc RR

Why Japanese cars are so interesting? That’s what we are about to find out.
When we think of Japanese cars we would soon assimilate Japanese designer equals, Japanese cars. Not really.


Suzuki, just like any other car maker, looks into the future and thinks of its present. The Cervo was Designed by the well renamed Giorgetto Giugiaro for its first generation.

This fact is well known among the Japanese people that when we first started talking about this Cervo, it was the first thing that the car dealer told me.

“It’s like a Porsche blended in a Lamborghini with 550cc” said the shop owner. One nickname given to Cervo was Whizzkid.

The lever to open the hood in the back.


This car is already on its way to his new owner so we got these shots just in time.
The shop has another car that is in restoration. I’m really looking forwards to going back and taking a look on their next project.


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