Cars + Brazil = good time

This car was a bit more challenging. It was on the opposite hand side of the road. Quickly I made a U-turn and went back to talk to the owner.
The dude’s hair was inspired by Neymar’s hair fashion and me being a Brazilian, it made us laugh.
It felt we were connected by these two bonds, cars and Brazil.
DDJ: why do you drive this car?
D: medachitai.
D: only one.
He wants to make the car special, stand out, the only one kind of.
The more people I see, more interesting it gets.
He works for this really cool laundrette. It’s like a cafe where you can do your Landry and relax in its modern interior design.
Let’s talk about the car now. Totally air suspension, lowered to a sheet of paper to get dragged underneath it.
Not sure about the specs but it’s one of the must ask question next time.
Hope to see him again to give him the right http. Sorry.









3 thoughts on “Cars + Brazil = good time

  1. joji okada

    I found your newest blog. I looked at old blog untill now. Does this fine Japanese wrote by your wife ? It is very fine.
    Today My wife sounds sad . She couldn’t speak English well with Thiago . I told her “Thiago said right brain is imagination, left brain is reason,”
    I guess she understand it .



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